Having a spa experience in your home.
Your dream spaces.
Make your vision a reality.
The needs of your client.


The quality you accept is the quality that sets the standard.

Cabinetry and countertops are statement pieces within any space. We make the statement by turning your imagination and make it a reality. Summit Custom Woodworking serves both residential and commercial clients from our lavish showroom in Kankakee, Illinois. With every project, you'll find both beautiful form and function. We create intentional design and aesthetics paired with attention to detail and fine craftsmanship

About Us


Kitchen, bathroom, closet, garage, basement, living room, dining room. There are not many rooms in your house that don’t have cabinetry of some design.


Exceeding your clients’ expectations is the pinnacle of creating a client for life. Whether industrial, health care, institutional, or retail Summit Custom Woodworking is the right partner on your project.